Widows Helping Widows
An organization providing support for young widows and widowers
Our Work

When we started the support group met at the Frisco Public Library in one of their meeting rooms. However, due to substantial growth the meetings have moved to larger venues. The group now usually meets on a bi-monthly basis at a restaurant or coffee shop where the group discusses the challenges of going through the journey of grief. By acquiring a 501(c)3 status for our non-profit organization titled "Widows Helping Widows," we aim to help other widows and widowers with financial support in addition to moral and emotional support.


"I needed so very much to know that others understand, and that others have survived and moved their lives on. Telling my story was so incredibly hard, but it made such a difference to me. Thank you all so much, so very, very much."
- Lilly Hawkins on May 29, 2013.

"It was a great group tonight and very informative. Looking forward to seeing where WHW will go and the needs that will be met with Michelle and Terri at the helm. Thank you, ladies, for all your love, support and vision!"
- Kathi Trementozzi on Feb 11, 2013.

"When you are not old enough to be retired you can not be lumped in with that crowd as your needs are just not the same, therefore it is necessary for young widows to have a group of their own."
- Therese Michelle on Jan 15, 2013.